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Face to Face: The Schappell Twins

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  • 1999
  • Nonemin
Face to Face: The Schappell Twins
  • Original Title: Face to Face: The Schappell Twins

Two bodies and one mind, this is the extraordinary story of one pair of conjoined twins in today's world.

Face to Face: The Schappell Twins
Ellen Weissbrod
Ellen Weissbrod Producer, Director
Richard Dallett
Richard Dallett Director of Photography
Stephen Barker
Stephen Barker Still Photographer
Kurt Hoffmann
Kurt Hoffmann Supervisor of Production Resources
Stephen Kazmierski
Stephen Kazmierski Supervisor of Production Resources
Peter Fernberger
Peter Fernberger Supervisor of Production Resources
Aideen Kane
Aideen Kane Supervisor of Production Resources
Ann-Marie Cunniffe
Ann-Marie Cunniffe Supervisor of Production Resources
Wally Berger
Wally Berger Supervisor of Production Resources
Rolfe Tessem
Rolfe Tessem Executive Producer
Linda Ellerbee
Linda Ellerbee Executive Producer
Jeffrey Stern
Jeffrey Stern Supervising Sound Editor
Lisa Hepner
Lisa Hepner Producer
Katherine Drew
Katherine Drew Producer
Amy Briamonte
Amy Briamonte Producer
Alice Dreger
Alice Dreger Herself

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