• 8.5 10
  • 2017
  • 52min
  • Original Title: Escape Room (2017)

Lludy, a Brazilian immigrant, has just lost his flat in Barcelona and has nowhere to go. Through her belongings we discover part of her history of solitude, prostitution and infinite longing.


AWARDS: Special Jury Prize. DIGO/ 

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: MiradasDoc/ Salon International de la Luz/ Cine Por Los Derechos Humanos/ Visoes Perifericas/

Escape. Prostitute, transvestite and migrant in Barcelona

Lludy was left without the apartment where she used to live in Barcelona and now depends on a storeroom to keep her infinite number of things. 

In the midst of a daily search for objects, from a dress to a television remote control, she revisits her life, her possessions, her immigrant status, her loneliness.

Production Companies

Vinicius Sassine, Mariana Paschoal

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