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End of the World

  • 10 10
  • 2015
  • Nonemin
End of the World
  • Original Title: Koniec swiata

The Mayan doomsday prophecy looms over a dark night in Poland. A late-night radio host takes in calls from citizens expressing their concerns, predictions and speculations on what may happen when—or even if—the sun comes up. Simultaneously, a crisis centre dispatcher fields panicked calls from people experiencing real-life traumatic situations in need of immediate attention. The voices of these callers are interwoven with an intimate therapy session and a wandering taxicab to build a profile of a place where citizens want to be heard. Never showing the callers on the other end of the line, the film creates an aural overview of a darkened city. As the night progresses, the calls continue coming in, revealing the various struggles people are experiencing in dealing with conceptual fears and current woes—all in a world that soon may be over.

End of the World
Monika Pawluczuk
Monika Pawluczuk Writer, Director...
Radoslaw Ochnio
Radoslaw Ochnio Sound mixer
Malgorzata Szylak
Malgorzata Szylak Director of photography
Michal Dymek
Michal Dymek Director of photography
Szymon Lenkowski
Szymon Lenkowski Director of photography
Jakub Giza
Jakub Giza Director of photography

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