• 7.5 10
  • 2020
  • 20min

In the quiet stretches of rural Hungary, a father and son vigilantly patrol their village against unseen threats, their duty veiled in mystery and heightened by the echoing sounds of nature.


AWARDS:  Student Documentary. Budapest International Documentary Festival

Dusk - Patrol, Mystery, Menace, Silence

In the serene expanses of rural Hungary, near the Serbian frontier, a silent menace casts its shadow. The villages are rife with whispers of elusive figures crossing fields and unfamiliar vehicles lurking about. As darkness cloaks the countryside, children are gripped by fear. Sandor, a dedicated father of eight, assumes the mantle of a "landguard." Alongside his eldest son, they embark on nightly patrols, eyes peeled for the unseen trespassers, their only aid being night vision goggles and the eerie ambient sounds of the wilderness. Although these intruders remain faceless, the palpable tension they usher in is relentless. The duo's only window to the outside world, their smartphones, occasionally punctuate the stillness with news updates, subtly unraveling the reasons behind this mounting anxiety. The cinematic landscape, painted with wide static shots and underscored by the symphony of nature and distant hums, crafts an atmosphere thick with anticipation.

Bálint Bíró
Bálint Bíró Director

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