Dancing with Maria

  • 9.3 10
  • 2014
  • 75min
Dancing with Maria
  • Spanish, Italian
  • English

Maria Fux is a 90 years old Argentinian dancer. In her studio in the heart of Buenos Aires she is still dancing, teaching and conserving the elegance and the energy of a young performer. She accepts all kinds of people in her classes forming integrated groups of dancers. She gives everybody the possibility to develop their own way of expressing themselves and gets out the talent from dancers of all ages and conditions. After a period of training with her, a lot of them spring out, as if something new is waking up. They take part in one of the most ancient human struggles: the battle of human beings against their limits. Maria Fux is not an exception. She is pushing her old body to the limits, but there's an unknown force coming from inside, that drives her students to a concrete change and makes her still dancing.
This film wants to tell about the power of that force.

Dancing with Maria
  • Spanish, Italian
  • English
AWARDS: Civets Vitae Award. Venice International Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTION: Zagreb Film Festival/ Festival Internacional de Cine de Mar del Plata/ Goteborg International Film Festival/ Sofia International Film Festival

Dancing with Maria, the infinite passion for dancing 

The scene of a black and white film footage of a young dancer painting the air with her movements quickly hypnotizes us. It looks like an animated postcard sent from Europe in which the protagonist owns an immaculate and serene face, but not deprived of an elegant picardy.

it was the golden age of Maria Fux, the argentine dancer eho took her passion all around the world, less for being her profession and more for being her way of life.

Decades later, at age 90, María continues to teach dancing in her small studio located in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Through this precious documentary we can be privileged witnesses of their classes, sessions where the body and music learn how to speak a magic language.

These observational moments are combined with Maria’s narration. She tells the story of a life dedicated to dancing, like in this phrase: "Life brought me in different phases: a lot, nothing, a little and something. But I do know which is my way. "

Ivan Gergolet
Ivan Gergolet Director
Maria Fux
Maria Fux Herself

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