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Dan and Phil's The Amazing Tour is not on Fire

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  • 2016
  • Nonemin

Dan and Phil’s stage show "The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire" comes to YouTube as a live performance movie on October 5th! Inspired by the best of their videos, live and interactive with a real audience—along with some surprises you’ll never see coming.

Phil Myers
Phil Myers Director
Sam Campbell
Sam Campbell Director
Simon Little
Simon Little Producer
James Turner
James Turner Costume Design, Set Designer
Dan Howell
Dan Howell Executive Producer, Music
Phil Lester
Phil Lester Executive Producer, Music
Jack Knowles
Jack Knowles Lighting Artist
Gareth Owen
Gareth Owen Sound Designer
Matthew Peploe
Matthew Peploe Sound Designer
Paul Robinson
Paul Robinson Choreographer
Marianne Turton
Marianne Turton Associate Producer
Tom Nickson
Tom Nickson Production Manager
Aurora Productions
Aurora Productions Production Manager
Carolyn Specht
Carolyn Specht Production Accountant
Adam Grant
Adam Grant Electrician
Cassie Devine
Cassie Devine Electrician
Amy Laemmerhirt
Amy Laemmerhirt Prop Maker
Sarah Buckenham
Sarah Buckenham Production Director
Princess Post
Princess Post Post Production Supervisor
Paul Jones
Paul Jones Post Production Supervisor
Phil Evans
Phil Evans Mix Technician
Ben Cull
Ben Cull Editor
Dusty Kraatz
Dusty Kraatz Technical Supervisor
Mark Walker
Mark Walker Lighting Supervisor
Willie Cano
Willie Cano Camera Supervisor
Ollie Capel
Ollie Capel Production Coordinator
Cheryl Ko
Cheryl Ko Producer
Tracy Manser
Tracy Manser Production Manager
Fleur Brooklyn Smith
Fleur Brooklyn Smith Executive Producer
Fleur Brooklin Smith
Fleur Brooklin Smith Executive Producer
Fleur Brooklin Smith
Fleur Brooklin Smith Executive Producer
Mike Cook
Mike Cook Executive Producer
Katie la Corre
Katie la Corre Executive Producer
Katie Le Corre
Katie Le Corre Executive Producer
Dan Howell
Dan Howell Himself
Phil Lester
Phil Lester Himself

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