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  • 8.3 10
  • 2015
  • 24min

The audacious look of director Morgan Murlock (Superzise Me, Rats) is placed on the main tools of the artisans dedicated to working with their hands to make unique and unrepeatable creations in three different places of the world.

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Los Angeles Film Festival

Crafted, A glimpse at the creative power of your hands

What happens if your hands suddenly become unusable? For Luke Snyder, who quit his PHD studies to be a knife maker with the help of his partner David Van Wyk in the middle of a forest in Arnosldville, Georgia, this would mean stopping feeding his family.

The relationship between the archaic and modern techniques is also the premise of the Bar Tartine restaurant, operated by chefs Nick Balla and Cathey Burns in San Francisco, California. On the other side of the world, Yuji Nagatani is one of the leaders of a pottery workshop in Iga, Japan, a place with a very particular kind of clay that holds resistant properties.

Through a beautiful cinematography, these artisans open the doors of their work places, which are rather their homes and spaces of spiritual liberation. They themselves tell us their inspirations and creative processes to make their work a meeting point between the traditions of the past and the innovations of the future.


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