Children Below Deck

  • 9.3 10
  • 2018
  • 89min
Children Below Deck
  • Original Title: Kinder Unter Deck

A daughter's directorial lens captures her family's journey through the silent passage of trauma across three generations, reflecting the historical upheavals of north-eastern Europe.

Children Below Deck

Children Below Deck - Family, Trauma, Heritage, Healing

This poignant film navigates the intimate landscape of a family across three generations: a departed grandmother, a father, and his daughter who directs the narrative. It's a spiritual odyssey that examines the inheritance of trauma and its echoes through time, set against the backdrop of north-eastern Europe's turbulent history. As the journey unfolds, the film traverses the shadowy emotional terrain shaped by the region's profound transformations, seeking to understand how the past silently imprints itself on the present and future.

Bettina Henkel
Bettina Henkel Director

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