Censor Must Die

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  • 2014
  • 150min
Censor Must Die
  • Original Title: Censor Must Die (2014)

This documentary follows the producer of "Shakespeare Must Die", a film adaptation of Macbeth's, in his fight against the Thai State after the movie was banned by a censorship board.

Censor Must Die


Censor Must Die. A film against censorship in Thailand

When Shakespeare Must Die, a Thai film adaptation of Macbeth is banned by the Thai government as a threat to national security, the film's producer treks through the corridors of power to un-ban his Shakespearean horror movie--from the Cultural ministry to the Senate and the National Human Rights Commission, all the way to the Administrative Court where he is suing the government for abuse of power. 

Wherever he went, amidst political upheaval, his director followed with a camera. The resulting reality cinema is the living story of a struggle for justice and human dignity, for freedom of expression, which Thai filmmakers do not have. A dark cinematic record of democracy in action, in all its farcical, obscene and heartbreaking details.

Ing. K
Ing. K Director

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