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Celldweller: Start of an Empire

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  • 2016
  • Nonemin
Celldweller: Start of an Empire
  • Original Title: Celldweller: Start of an Empire (The Making of

Witness the creation of the Celldweller album "End of an Empire" as Klayton gives you an unprecedented behind the scenes look in this feature-length documentary. From musical direction to art design, staff meetings and interviews with the FiXT team and Klayton himself, "Start of an Empire" shows how the iconic album came to life. From writing, recording, engineering, producing, mixing and mastering the album entirely by himself, to uncovering some of the inner workings of his label, FiXT and the team he surrounds himself with, Start of An Empire provides an intimate commentary on the man behind the iconic red mohawk. Experience the music, art & creation of the promotional videos behind TIME, LOVE, DREAMS & DEATH, the 4 chapters from End of an Empire, from the other side of the lens.

Celldweller: Start of an Empire
Klayton Director
Animattronic CG Supervisor
Ninja Jo
Ninja Jo Conceptual Illustrator
Kyle Kramer
Kyle Kramer Himself
Bret Autrey
Bret Autrey Himself
Alex Malburg
Alex Malburg Himself
Ninja Jo
Ninja Jo Herself
Ric Viers
Ric Viers Himself
Klayton Himself

Production Companies


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