Budapest Silo

  • 9 10
  • 2021
  • 24min
Budapest Silo
  • Original Title: Budapest Silo

This intriguing documentary delves into the depths of a towering grain silo, where József, a seasoned worker firmly anchored to his perilous occupation, faces the immense risks that come with his work.

Budapest Silo

Budapest Silo -  A man's life blends with the dust-filled air he breathes inside the silo that defines him


The story chronicles the daily grind of József, who has dedicated over three decades to operating one of Budapest's largest, still-active grain silos. Living in a modest container home shadowed by the immense structure, József's life rhythm is marked by the constant rumble of trucks and trains.


Each day, he descends into the silo's depths like a diver exploring the ocean's abyss, but instead of water, he battles clouds of hazardous crop dust. This documentary captures the stark reality of his work—dangerous and indispensable—highlighting the physical toll it takes on his health and the existential bind that makes him one with the silo. As József faces growing health threats, the film poses poignant questions about labor, sacrifice, and the human spirit's resilience against the machinery of progress.

Production Companies

Zsófia Paczolay

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