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The Borovsk Effect

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  • 2019
  • 66min
The Borovsk Effect
  • Original Title: Effekt Borovska

A small village in Russia holds the souls of many persecuted politicians of the Soviet Union. In the autumn of his life, street artist Vladimir Ovchinnikov has moved to the village to capture what this place imbues in him.

The Borovsk Effect

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Borovsk Effect. The walls of a Russian village speak

The name of Vladimir Ovchinnikov has become widely known in Russia over the last decade - particularly this period of time the street artist has lived in a town that seemed to bewitch him. The town of Borovsk is a strange place, which has been an island of memory for all innocent victims since the XIV century. 

Boyarynya Morozova died here, Archpriest Avvakum was also imprisoned here and numerous victims of political repression were shot here. Here Ovchinnikov suddenly began to paint on the walls of houses - contrary to the indignation of the authorities: the "naive" graffiti artist is not 19, but 80 years old.

Real passions began to flare up in the town in 2015, when Vladimir Ovchinnikov painted on one of the fences his first "memorial to the victims of political repressions"…

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