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  • 2016
  • Nonemin

In April 2015, Big Bang made a comeback after a three-year hiatus, and their Made World Tour ended with a great success drawing 1.5 million people. The movie follows Big Bang from the beginning till the end of their world tour in a documentary format to give up close and personal view of their 340 days journey in the tour as they perform in 32 cities in 13 countries. The movie will be a collection of the five singers off guard in their natural state having fun on-stage during the concerts, the behind-the-scenes videos of made concerts and albums, backstage and offstage. The film also included interviews with each member.

Byun Jin Ho
Byun Jin Ho Director
Yang Hyun Suk
Yang Hyun Suk Executive Producer
Yang Min Suk
Yang Min Suk Executive Producer
Oh Dong Won
Oh Dong Won Producer
G-Dragon G-Dragon
Taeyang Taeyang
Seungri Seungri

Production Companies

YG Entertainment

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