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Benghazi: Beyond the Frontline

  • 0 10
  • 2013
  • Nonemin
Benghazi: Beyond the Frontline
  • Original Title: Benghazi, el frente no armado

Beyond the hostilities of the Libyan civil upheaval rose one of the most compelling expressions of the Arab awakening: an unarmed front. For a full year we follow the peaceful battle that began during the first days of the uprising. We see artists, intellectuals, ex-military, and young Libyans who sought to lead a different kind of revolution, one of ideas. Beyond the Frontline is an intimate and humane story. It explores the contradictions that coexist within Libyan society, in their struggle for justice and liberty.

Benghazi: Beyond the Frontline
Natalia Orozco
Natalia Orozco Director
Oscar Corrons
Oscar Corrons Director of photography

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