Behind a transparent cement barrier

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  • 2022
  • 24min
Behind a transparent cement barrier
  • Original Title: Behind a transparent cement barrier

On the eve of the COVID-19 outbreak, Egyptian filmmaker Amr Bayoumi films a tree that begins to invade his balcony. His observation becomes obsessive, like the pandemic climate that is raging in his street.

Behind a transparent cement barrier

Behind a transparent cement barrier. A tree and a curious filmmaker

At the beginning of the second week of Ramadan 2020, Iranian filmmaker Amr Bayoumi started filming from his balcony up until the end of the week-long feast holiday. From the start, he was drawn to the assertive presence of a small tree in his street. 

Her branches had started, lightly and curiously, to creep into my balcony, and so, as the days of filming rolled on, that tree became the “protagonist” of the film. 

Every day for three weeks, Bayoumi would look through the camera, capture how the COVID-19
pandemic affected the street’s residents and the passersby and their movements, and await the moments in which the sunlight fell on “his” tree, amidst her back and forth with the other trees scattered throughout the street.

Amr Bayoumi
Amr Bayoumi Director

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