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Animal Passions

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Animal Passions
  • Original Title: Animal Passions

A British documentary on zoophilia presenting various personal, religious, psychological, and sociological views on the phenomenon of sexual relations between humans and other animals.

Animal Passions
  • Original Title: Animal Passions
Christopher Spencer
Christopher Spencer Director, Writer
Tom Gregory
Tom Gregory Thanks
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers Sound Mixer
Carolyn Stopp
Carolyn Stopp Production Manager
Liz Seymour
Liz Seymour Production Manager
Melissa Robertson
Melissa Robertson Production Manager
Lesley Gardner
Lesley Gardner Unit Manager
John Christie
John Christie Director of photography
Jon Swain
Jon Swain Associate Producer
Eliza James
Eliza James Associate Producer
Melanie Fall
Melanie Fall Associate Producer
Ivana Primorac
Ivana Primorac Makeup Artist
Simon Andreae
Simon Andreae Executive Producer
Leon Wilson
Leon Wilson Researcher
Peter Gillbe
Peter Gillbe Executive Producer
Jerry Springer
Jerry Springer Himself (archive footage)
John Money
John Money Himself

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