Amancio Williams

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  • 2013
  • 76min
Amancio Williams
  • Original Title: Amancio Williams

This documentary takes us into the fascinating work of Amancio Williams, an icon of modern Argentine architecture.

Amancio Williams

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Mar del Plata International Film Festival/ BAFICI/ Arquitectura Film Festival Santiago

Amancio Williams. The architect of the possible

A key figure in Argentine modern architecture, reknowned and admired around the world for his famous “House over the Creek”, which was left in ruins after a fire. 

This documentary depicts Amancio Williams´ life, work, and emblematic projetcs: his innovative ideas and proposals, the recognition by Le Corbusier, his input to the iconic Curutchet House, his eagerness for recuperating green areas, and the reasons why most of his projects were never built.

Gerardo Panero
Gerardo Panero Director

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Aji Flims

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