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Alien Planet

  • 4 10
  • 2005
  • Nonemin
Alien Planet
  • Original Title: Alien Planet

The dynamic meeting of solid science and futuristic simulation culminates in a dramatic exploration to another inhabited planet seven light years away. Alien Planet creates a realistic depiction of creatures on another world, where life is possible, if not provable, according to scientists' theories. Take this fascinating journey created by state-of-the-art animation and photo-realistic effects.

Alien Planet
Pierre de Lespinois
Pierre de Lespinois Director, Editor...
Steve Eder
Steve Eder Writer
Oliver Dear
Oliver Dear Storyboard
Wayne D. Barlowe
Wayne D. Barlowe Executive Producer
John Copeland
John Copeland Producer
Tomi Landis
Tomi Landis Executive Producer
Frances LoCascio
Frances LoCascio Executive Producer
Curtis Clark
Curtis Clark Himself
James Garvin
James Garvin Himself
Jamie Haines
Jamie Haines Himself
Jack Horner
Jack Horner Himself
Joan Horvath
Joan Horvath Himself
Michio Kaku
Michio Kaku Himself
George Lucas
George Lucas Himself

Production Companies

Evergreen Films LLC

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