Crouch, Bind, Set, Slay

  • 9 10
  • 2020
  • 10min
Crouch, Bind, Set, Slay
  • Original Title: Agachem, Segurem, Formem, Arrasem

Two rugby teams from Argentina and Brazil composed of LGBTI players face each other in a match where the triumph goes beyond sporting merit.

Crouch, Bind, Set, Slay

AWARDS: Melhor Filme Júri Popular. Festival de Cinema de Vitória/ Best Short by Popular Jury. Cine RO Festival de Cinema de Rondônia

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Sport Film Libere/ Festival de Cinema de Vitória/ 1º Cine RO Festival de Cinema de Rondônia

Crouch, Bind, Set, Slay. Diversity and Rugby

A day of a Rugby play between Tamanduas (Brazil) and Ciervo Pampas (Argentine), two inclusive teams. 

Before, during and after the game, we got to know a little bit of the player relationships with sport and their own identity. It was a game held in Sao Paulo, Brazil at the Diversity Week program.

Caiao Baú
Caiao Baú Director

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