About A War

  • 6.7 10
  • 2018
  • 82min
About A War
  • Original Title: About a War (2019)

A war without history can only be reconstructed through the statements of those who fought in it. This gripping documentary draws a spoken portrait of the Lebanese civil war.

About A War

About A War. Stories of the Lebanese civil war

Moving through the testimonies of Assaad, a right wing Christian intelligence officer; Ahed, a Palestinian refugee fighter and Nassim, a Communist commander, About a War unpicks the personal motivations, trauma and regret of militiamen who picked up arms during the Lebanese Civil War. 

With no official account of the conflict, their testimonies build a multi-perspective picture of a crucial turning point in Lebanese history that radically transformed the Middle East.

Abi Weaver
Abi Weaver Director
Daniele Rugo
Daniele Rugo Director

Production Companies

Iterations Film

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