Abel Raises Cain

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  • 2005
  • 82min
Abel Raises Cain
  • Original Title: Abel Raises Cain

The story of the world's greatest hoaxer. An unprecedented glimpse into the life and bizarre career of Alan Abel, the notorious media prankster who has made a name for himself several times over with stunts that are just ridiculous enough to be believable, especially to a media that feeds on salacious stories. In this loving portrait of an eccentric father, Alan's daughter, Jenny, takes the audience on a roller coaster ride through the myriad of elaborate hoaxes and schemes that Abel pulled off over the years, all of which were designed to provoke, amuse and make people question everything that they see, hear or read.

Abel Raises Cain
AWARDS: Grand Jury Award for Best Documentary. Slam dance Film Festival/ Gran Jury Award for Best Feature Documentary. Brooklin Underground Film Festival/ Grand Jury Award for Best Documentary/ Audience Award for Best Documentary. Sarasota Film Festival/ Norwegian Documentary Film Festival/ Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival/ Kinowelt Dvd Award. Leipzig Animation and Documentary Film Festival/ Grand Jury Award for Best Documentary. Lake County Film Festival/ Grand Jury Award for Best Documentary. Aarhus Festival of Independent Arts/ Grand Jury Award for Best Documentary. Hardcore Film and Cinema Festival/ Best Socially Conscious Film. Southern Appalachian International Film Festival/ Grand Jury Award for Best Documentary and Best Director. Fargo Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTION: Longbaugh Film Festival/ Independent Film Festival of Boston/ Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival/ San Francisco International Film Festival/ Doxa Documentary Film and Video Film Festival/ Waterfront Film Festival/ Silverdocs AFI/ Discovery Channel Documentary Festival/ Dallas Video Festival/ Athens International Film Festival/ Camden International Film Festival/ Lost Film Festival/ Bergen International Film Festival/ Bethel Film Festival/ St. Louis International Film Festival/ Leeds International Film Festival/ 

Abel raises Cain, when your profession is making fun of everything

A cheap motel room, the one that always appears in American movies. Inside, a sixty year-old obese white man reads an agenda where he writes his daily labors while chewing a piece of banana. The previous one is one of the scenes of this curious documentary and the protagonist is Alan Abel, the most important American hoaxer of all time. Let appearances not deceive you.

In Abel raises Cain, the sweet voice of Jenny Abel, the daughter of this ingenious provocateur, narrates a documentary that contrasts the daily and intimate images of his father with the epic television footage that show the unimaginable pranks with which Abel deceived a whole country. Among them are the creation of the National Association for the Elimination of Breastfeeding, a School for Beggars, a Cruise Line for Euthanasia, or the organization of a false marriage between a former African President accused of genocide with — yes … — his own daughter.

Some of his jokes and pranks took years to discover as such. With them, Alan Abel tested the sense of humor of an entire nation and questioned even the most embedded manners of the stablishment represented in the American mass media. To watch Abel raises cain is an intimate way to get to know Abel’s body of work. He dedicates his life to joking with the phenomena that surrounds him as a way to educate and make people think differently on the most sensitive issues of society.

Jenny Abel
Jenny Abel Director
Jeff Hockett
Jeff Hockett Director
Alan Abel
Alan Abel Himself

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