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A Very Short War

  • 8 10
  • 2010
  • 55min
A Very Short War
  • Original Title: A Very Short War (2010)

The Australian actor Bill Young undertakes a fascinating quest to shed light on the identity of his uncle Cliff Carpenter, a war pilot who died fighting the Nazis at the beginning of WWII.

A Very Short War

"A Very Short War" Behind the trail of an intrepid war pilot

After finding some letters written by his uncle Cliff Carpenter, who fought in Nazi Occupied Europe in the beginning of WWII, Australian actor Bill Young knew that at some point he would take a flight to Europe to follow the trail of that admirable relative who died defending cause of freedom.

Through a varied panorama of materials ranging from archival footage, interviews with people close to Carpenter, and the images that Young himself films in Norway, where his uncle's plane rushed to death in 1940, the filmmaker manages to build a very personal and endearing portrait of this anonymous hero.

Bill Youg
Bill Youg Director

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