A Haunting on Hamilton Street 2: The Stable

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  • 2011
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A Haunting on Hamilton Street 2: The Stable
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Towering over the infamous Hamilton Street of Old Town Saginaw, Michigan, the former mortuary casts an ominous shadow on the residents below. Shrouded in urban legend and folklore, the macabre, three-story structure becomes the focal point in one of the most thorough and intense paranormal investigations ever conducted. Broken equipment, personal injury and terrifying encounters with the unseen become all too common as the investigators attempt to communicate with the dead.

Steven "Prozak" Shippy
Steven "Prozak" Shippy Director, Producer...
Justin Leavitt
Justin Leavitt Executive Producer
Adam Eugenio
Adam Eugenio Camera Operator, Editor
Beau Batterson
Beau Batterson Camera Operator
Judd Saul
Judd Saul Camera Operator
Eddie Goodsill
Eddie Goodsill Production Office Assistant
Adam Eugenio
Adam Eugenio Himself
Tim Rooney
Tim Rooney Himself
Celia Kane
Celia Kane Herself

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