A Bit Of Scarlet

  • 8 10
  • 1997
  • 71min
A Bit Of Scarlet
  • Original Title: A Bit Of Scarlet

This iconic video essay owned by the British Film Institute delves into the evolution of the representation of LGBTI characters in post-war British cinema.

A Bit Of Scarlet

AWARDS: First Prize. Festival De Films de Femmes Paris

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Berlin International Film Festival/ Best Of Fests Edinburg International Film Festival/ 

A Bit Of Scarlet. The Queer characters in film

Before the video essays that now swarm the internet became the trend, there was this little gem. A Bit Of Scarlet compiles a vast archive of LGBTI characters from British post-war cinema to reflect on the representation of this community in film.

The caricaturization of these characters is a trait that is evident in this collage, although immediately noticeable is an evolution of the role of the queer character to achieve a contemporary complexity.

Andrea Weiss
Andrea Weiss Director
Ian McKellen
Ian McKellen Narrator

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