Sarah (K.)

  • 9.7 10
  • 2014
  • 14min
Sarah (K.)
  • Original Title: Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)

The sketches found after the death of Sarah, a drawer of faces without body or sex, detonate the analysis of these strokes by a painter with whom she exchanged correspondence.

Sarah (K.)

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Fid Marseille/ FIAC/ Curta Cinema Rio de Janeiro/ Saison Vidéo/ Arkipe International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival/ Shoah Film Collection Cologne Art and Moving Images

Sarah (K). The mysterious trace of a painter

For decades Sarah drew hollow-eyed, gaping faces on Bristol cards. These faces without bodies or sex emerged from blank backgrounds: unworthy stains furiously crossed out and scratched, if not erased.

When she died in 1994, her close relatives found several hundreds of these enigmatic drawings. 

Philippe Boutibonnes, with whom she maintained a long correspondence and who owns several of these drawings, reads with his fingers and tells with his words the outlines drawn by Sarah. 

He remembers their last moments together. Do the staring faces unveil some secret of the philosopher?

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