A Lullaby Under The Nuclear Sky

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  • 2015
  • 68min
A Lullaby Under The Nuclear Sky
  • Original Title: A Lullaby Under The Nuclear Sky

In the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster, a Japanese filmmaker documents the radiation-free zone. But when she discovers she is pregnant with her first child, she decides to turn the camera on her own fears.

A Lullaby Under The Nuclear Sky

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Busan International Film Festival/ IFF Ekotopfilm

A Lullaby Under The Nuclear Sky. My Baby and Fukushima

As the meltdown at the nuclear power plant in Fukushima was unfolding, a documentary filmmaker finds out the coincidence that the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant first generated the power on her birthday 40 years ago. 

Feeling strange senses of fate and guilt, she decides to enter the radiation red zone despite the government’s warning, to film what was not on the mainstream media. 

During shooting, she falls ill and alternatively discovers her first pregnancy at the age of 40. After many years spent on fertility treatments, she is torn between joy and devastation. Eventually she faces difficult choices that involve becoming a mother and protecting her unborn child from the ever-present threat of radiation. 

She decides to turn the camera on herself. The camera captures her panic, anger, sorrow and hope. What we see through the lens is a filmmaker, a mother, and an individual forced to make difficult decisions in the uncontrollable nuclear meltdown nightmare.

Kana Tomoko
Kana Tomoko Director

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