• 9 10
  • 2015
  • 32min
  • Original Title: 74 (2019)

ISIS has carried out violent offensives against the Kurdish Yazidis, kidnapping women, selling them and raping them. Nasrin has just managed to escape from them. She tells the story of her life in this documentary.


AWARDS: Best Documentary Film. Iranian Zurich Film Festival/ Appreciation for Best Docuentary. Genocide Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Iran International Documentary Film Festival/ College Town Film Festival/ Middle East Now festival/ Sama National Film Festival/ Iranian Zurich Film Festival/ Ischia Film Festival/ Afghanistan International Women’s Film Festival/ Resistance (Moghavemat) International Film Festival/ International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography CAMERIMAGE/ Baghdad International Film Festival/ Erie International Film Festival/ Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival/ Moj National Film Festival/ Genocide Film Festival, Chamchamal/ Signes de Nuit

74. The bloody trail of ISIS

After the Islamic group "Daesh" attacked the Izadi (Yzidi) Kurds, this group held a great number of Kurd women and girls as their booty and started selling and raping them.

Nasrin has just escaped from the terrorist group "Daesh" and is now retelling her life and that of the other war refugee women for us.

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MoneNoe Pegah Production

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