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0,03 seconds

  • 0 10
  • 2017
  • Nonemin
0,03 seconds
  • Original Title: 0,03 seconde

A poignant insight into the world of sport, where talent, passion and endurance mean everything, but give no guarantee of success.

0,03 seconds
Suzanne Raes
Suzanne Raes Director
Fabie Hulsebos
Fabie Hulsebos Producer
Jean Counet
Jean Counet Camera Operator
Wiro Felix
Wiro Felix Camera Operator
Victor Horstink
Victor Horstink Camera Operator
Alex Booy
Alex Booy Sound Director
Femke Heemskerk
Femke Heemskerk Femke Heemskerk
Ranomi Kromowidjojo
Ranomi Kromowidjojo Ranomi Kromowidjojo
Ferry Weertman
Ferry Weertman Ferry Weertman
Sebastiaan Verschuren
Sebastiaan Verschuren Sebastiaan Verschuren
Sharon van Rouwendaal
Sharon van Rouwendaal Sharon van Rouwendaal
Marcel Wouda
Marcel Wouda Marcel Wouda

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