Wojciech Staron

Wojciech Staron

Director, Screenplay


Wojciech Staron is a Polish film director and screenwriter. He is best known for his films "The Lure" (2015) and "The Last Family" (2016).

Staron was born in 1978 in Krakow, Poland. He graduated from the National Film School in Lodz in 2004. After finishing his studies, Staron began his career in film by writing and directing short films. His first short film, “Monday”, was released in 2005.

In 2015, Staron released his debut feature film, "The Lure". The film follows two mermaid sisters as they join an all-girl punk-rock band in 1980s Poland. The film earned Staron numerous accolades, including the Special Jury Prize at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival.

In 2016, Staron released his second feature film, "The Last Family". The film tells the story of the life of the painter Zdzislaw Beksinski and his family. It won the Audience Award at the 2016 San Sebastian International Film Festival.

Staron is currently working on his third feature film, "The Sorrows of the Kingdom". The film follows a young girl who journeys through a kingdom filled with sorrows, trying to find the truth about her past.

Staron is an accomplished film director and screenwriter. His films have won numerous awards and have been praised for their unique visual styles. He is a talented filmmaker who is sure to continue to make great films in the years to come.

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