Wilm Huygen

Wilm Huygen



Wilm Huygen (1941-present) is a Dutch director who is best known for his work on stage, television, and film. He has been active in the film and television industry since the late 1960s, and his work has been seen in more than 20 countries around the world.

Huygen was born in 1941 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He attended the Dutch Film Academy and later the Rotterdam Conservatory, where he graduated with a degree in directing. After his studies, he went on to work as an assistant director on various film projects, including the classic Dutch movie, The Tree of Life.

Huygen began to make a name for himself in the late 1960s when he directed his first feature-length film, The Road to Heaven. This was an adaptation of the novel by Dutch author Willem Frederik Hermans, and it was a great success. It won several awards, including the prestigious Golden Calf at the Netherlands Film Festival.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Huygen directed several more feature films, including The Little Thief, A Room with a View, and All the Rivers Run. His work was praised for its subtlety and realism. In the 1990s, he moved into TV work, directing several popular series for Dutch television, including the hit series De Prins and De Prinsen.

Huygen's style of directing has been compared to that of the great Swedish director Ingmar Bergman, and he has often been called one of the great Dutch directors. His work has been praised for its emotional depth and psychological complexity.

In recent years, Huygen has focused on stage work, directing plays for the National Theater in Amsterdam and directing operas for the Dutch National Opera. He is also a professor at the Dutch Film Academy, where he teaches directing, acting, and cinematography.

Huygen's work has been recognized with numerous awards, including the Dutch Film Critics Prize, the Dutch Film Academy Award, and the Golden Calf. He is a respected figure in the Dutch film and television industry, and his work has been seen in more than 20 countries around the world.

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