Vinícius Lopes

Vinícius Lopes



Vinícius Lopes is a Brazilian film and television director, known for his work on films such as A Menina do Lago (2015) and O Pequeno Mundo (2019). Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1982, Lopes has been directing films since he was a child.

Lopes began his artistic career by attending music classes at the age of nine and then taking a course in film production in 2002. After finishing his studies, he worked as an assistant director in a number of television programs and films, including Jogo de Xadrez (2005) and Maria do Mar (2007).

In 2009, Lopes wrote and directed his first short film, Boca de Pano. The film premiered at the 2009 International Film Festival of Rio de Janeiro and was well-received by critics. This success enabled him to continue writing and directing his own films, such as Décima Vítima (2011), which earned him a nomination for the Best Short Film award at the Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival.

In 2015, Lopes directed his first feature-length film, A Menina do Lago, which won the Best Feature Film award at the 16th Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival. The film tells the story of a young girl who is kidnapped and held captive in a lake, and her struggle to escape. The film was praised for its innovative approach to the genre of horror, and for its unique visual style.

In 2019, Lopes released his second feature film, O Pequeno Mundo, a drama about a small rural community in Brazil. The film was praised for its intimate portrayal of rural life and its heartfelt depiction of the struggles of its characters. The film earned several awards at the festivals in which it was screened, including the Special Jury Prize at the 32nd Havana International Film Festival.

Throughout his career, Lopes has collaborated with some of the most renowned actors and directors in Brazil. He has also received numerous awards and nominations, including the Best Director award at the Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival and the Best Screenplay award at the Havana International Film Festival.

Vinícius Lopes is an acclaimed director who has been praised for his visual style and his ability to tell intimate stories about the struggles of his characters. His films have earned him numerous awards and have been celebrated by critics and audiences alike.

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