Valentina Mac-Pherson

Valentina Mac-Pherson



Valentina Mac-Pherson is a highly acclaimed and sought-after director, writer, and producer. She began her career as a production assistant in the television industry in Los Angeles, California. From there, she quickly advanced to become an assistant director and then a first assistant director.

Valentina has directed numerous projects over the past decade, including music videos, short films, web series, and feature films. Her work has been featured at multiple festivals, including The Los Angeles Film Festival, SXSW, and The Tribeca Film Festival. She was also the recipient of the Best Picture Award at the Chicago International Film Festival for her feature film “The Long Voyage Home”.

Valentina is especially known for her work in the horror genre, where she has crafted some of the most innovative and unnerving films in recent memory. Her films often explore themes of family relationships, identity, and the power of fear. Valentina has a unique eye for suspense and her films often rely heavily on the use of sound design and visual effects to create a truly unsettling atmosphere.

Valentina is a passionate collaborator who enjoys working with other creatives to bring her visions to life. She is often praised for her ability to create a safe and nurturing environment on set, allowing her cast and crew to work their best and bring their talents to the project.

Valentina’s career has been marked by numerous successes and awards, including her recent nomination for the Academy Award for Best Director. Her impressive body of work continues to evolve and she remains deeply committed to telling stories that empower and inspire. Her work continues to be highly acclaimed by both audiences and critics alike.

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