Tomáš Kudrna

Tomáš Kudrna



Tomáš Kudrna is a Czech-born film and television director who has been involved in the entertainment industry for over two decades. He is best known for his work on the television series "Česká Televize" and his feature film "Marečku, podejte mi pero!".

Tomáš was born in the small town of Hradec Králové in the Czech Republic in 1975. He graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague in 1999 with a degree in film and television directing before working as an assistant director on a number of Czech television shows. In 2003, he directed his first television series, "Česká Televize", which was a hit with viewers and critics alike.

Tomáš' first feature film, "Marečku, podejte mi pero!", was released in 2007. The film was a critical and commercial success, and won numerous awards, including Best Picture at the Czech Lion Awards. The film was a coming of age story about two teenage girls in a small town in Czechoslovakia.

Tomáš has since gone on to direct a number of television shows and feature films, including "Večerka" (2008), "Příběh o životě" (2009), and "Kříska" (2011). He also wrote and directed the television series "Kudrna & Co." in 2012.

Tomáš is known for his unique vision and dedication to his craft. He is passionate about telling stories and is constantly pushing the boundaries of film and television. His films and television shows have earned him numerous awards and accolades, and he is widely respected in the Czech Republic and beyond.

Tomáš continues to work in the film and television industry, and is currently in pre-production on his next feature film. He is a passionate filmmaker who is always striving to tell stories that will entertain and move audiences.

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