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Sybilla Tuxen



Sybilla Tuxen is a renowned Danish film director, producer and screenwriter. She is known for her work in both feature films and television series. Born in 1978 in Copenhagen, Denmark, Tuxen attended The National Film School of Denmark before beginning her career in the film industry.

Tuxen's first feature film, "The Good Girl" (2004), was a critical and commercial success. The film focused on the struggles of a young Danish woman who falls in love with a much older man, and was praised for its realism and emotional depth. Tuxen has since gone on to direct several other feature films, including "The Optimists" (2007), "A Royal Affair" (2012), and "Heartstone" (2016).

In addition to feature films, Tuxen has also directed several television series and miniseries. Her credits include the crime drama "Those Who Kill" (2014-15), the historical drama "1864" (2015), and the comedy series "Rita" (2012-17). She has also served as a producer on a number of projects, including "The Bridge" (2011-18) and "Warriors of Liberty City" (2018).

Tuxen's work has been acclaimed by critics and audiences alike. Her films have been nominated for a number of awards, including the Bodil Award for Best Danish Film and the Robert Award for Best Danish Film. In 2018, Tuxen was honoured with the Danish Film Academy's Nordic Honorary Award for her outstanding career.

Tuxen's unique style of filmmaking has earned her a devoted fan base, and she continues to work on projects that challenge her creatively. Her latest film, "The Exception", is set for release in 2021. With her masterful eye for detail and her ability to tell powerful stories, it is sure to be another success.

Sybilla Tuxen is a remarkable filmmaker whose work will continue to be celebrated for years to come.

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