Susanne Helmer

Susanne Helmer



Susanne Helmer is an award-winning director and writer with a focus on socially conscious and inspiring stories. She has directed numerous projects in both film and television, many of which have garnered critical acclaim for their thought-provoking and emotionally-driven narratives.

Susanne was born and raised in Germany, where she developed an early passion for storytelling. She began her career in the film industry as a production assistant before eventually working her way up to assistant director. After a few years honing her craft in Germany, she moved to the United States to continue her pursuit of filmmaking.

In Los Angeles, Susanne continued to rise in the industry. She was the director of numerous short films, and her first feature film, ‘The Last Day of the War’, earned her recognition and awards at several international festivals.

After her success with ‘The Last Day of the War’, Susanne began to focus on developing her own projects. She wrote and directed the feature film ‘Falling into Place’, which was released in 2018 to critical acclaim. The film follows two teenage girls as they navigate life after a tragedy, and the story’s powerful themes of resilience and hope resonated with viewers.

Most recently, Susanne has directed several episodes of the hit television show ‘The Flash’. Her work on the show has been praised for its inventive visuals and compelling character arcs. She has also directed several episodes of ‘Supernatural’, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, and ‘How to Get Away with Murder’.

Overall, Susanne Helmer has established herself as a talented director and storyteller with an eye for emotionally-driven narratives. She has won numerous awards for her work and continues to be a sought-after director in both film and television. Her work challenges viewers to think deeply about the stories she tells, and her impact on the industry is undeniable.

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