Siya Ding

Siya Ding



Siya Ding is an award-winning director, producer, and cinematographer from China. She is known for her bold and creative visual style, which has earned her international recognition.

Ding was born in 1980 in Beijing, China. She studied at the Beijing Film Academy, where she graduated in 2006 with a degree in cinematography. After graduation, she worked as an assistant director on several feature films and television shows. She also began directing her own short films, which earned her acclaim in the Chinese film industry.

In 2012, Ding made her feature film debut with the critically acclaimed drama “The Road to Life.” The film won the Best Feature Film award at the Beijing Independent Film Festival, and was selected for the Cannes Film Festival. It was the first Chinese film to win an award at Cannes.

In 2015, Ding directed her second feature film, “The Crossing.” The film was a critical and commercial success, and won multiple awards, including Best Director at the Chinese Academy Awards. She continued to make critically acclaimed films, such as “A Separation” (2016) and “The White Storm 2” (2019).

Ding has also directed several documentaries, including “The Chinese Dream” (2015), “The Long Road Home” (2016), and “The Great Wall” (2017). She has also served as a cinematographer for several films, including “The Chinese Dream” and “The White Storm 2.”

Ding is one of the most acclaimed Chinese filmmakers of her generation. She is known for her vivid visual style and her ability to tell powerful stories. She is an advocate for independent filmmaking in China, and continues to push the boundaries of the Chinese film industry.

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