Sergio da Costa

Sergio da Costa



Sergio da Costa (born 1948) is a Brazilian filmmaker and director who has been at the forefront of the independent filmmaking movement in the country. He is best known for his groundbreaking films dealing with social issues such as poverty, race, and inequality.

Da Costa was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1948. He grew up in a working-class family and never had the opportunity to attend university. He found his passion for filmmaking in his early twenties while working as a projectionist in a local cinema. He was inspired by the stories he saw on the screen, and decided to pursue a career in filmmaking.

Da Costa’s first feature film, “Tereza Batista: Home from the Hills” (1979), was a commercial success and marked his entrance into the Brazilian independent cinema scene. The film follows a single mother fighting to survive in a hostile environment. It was praised by critics for its realistic portrayal of poverty and its attention to detail.

Da Costa’s next film, “Quilombo” (1984), was a controversial work about the struggle of Afro-Brazilians for their rights. It was the first Brazilian film to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

Da Costa has also written and directed several documentaries, including “Rebel Without a Cause” (1986) and “The School of the Americas” (1996). He has received numerous awards, including the International Emmy Award for Best Documentary for “The School of the Americas”.

Da Costa has continued to make films that explore social issues, such as “The Year of the Rat” (2006), about the struggles of street children in Brazil. He has also taught film and television production at several universities in Brazil and abroad.

Da Costa’s films have had a significant impact on Brazilian cinema and culture. His work has been praised for its powerful storytelling, its attention to detail, and its ability to capture the complexities of life in Brazil. He is considered one of the most influential filmmakers of the last 30 years.

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