Sanne Rovers

Sanne Rovers



Sanne Rovers is a Dutch-born film director and screenwriter whose award-winning films have been celebrated at a number of international film festivals. Her work is known for its imaginative visual style, compelling storytelling and strong female protagonists.

Rovers was born in Amsterdam in the Netherlands in 1974. She studied film at the Netherlands Film Academy in Amsterdam and graduated in 2001. After graduation, she began working as a director and scriptwriter for television shows and short films. Her first feature film was Black Dogs (2012), which was an adaptation of the novel by Dutch author Adriaan van Dis.

Rovers’ next film was Sorrow and Joy (2013), which featured an emotionally gripping story of a couple struggling to keep their family together after the death of their son. The film premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival and won numerous awards, including the Best Narrative Feature Award at the Miami International Film Festival.

Rovers’ third feature film was the drama The Storm (2016), which tells the story of a young woman struggling to cope with the death of her father and a severe storm that threatens to destroy her family’s home. The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and won the Special Jury Prize at the San Sebastián International Film Festival.

Rovers’ most recent film is the romantic drama A Beautiful Day (2018), which was selected for the official competition of the Berlin International Film Festival. The film tells the story of a couple struggling to cope with the death of their daughter and how their relationship is strengthened through their grief. The film was praised for its emotional depth and its ability to capture the nuances of human relationships.

Rovers’ work has been praised for its innovative visual style and its ability to create compelling stories with strong female protagonists. She has won numerous awards for her films, including the Dutch Academy Award for Best Feature Film and the Golden Calf for Best Director.

Rovers continues to make films and is currently working on her next project. She is a passionate filmmaker whose work is admired for its powerful storytelling and emotionally engaging narratives.

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