Sami Mermer

Sami Mermer



Sami Mermer is a critically acclaimed director based in Istanbul, Turkey. Born in 1974, he graduated from Istanbul University in 1997 with a degree in sociology. He then went on to study film at the London Film School.

Mermer’s first feature film, The Miracle (2008), was an instant success. The story of a young boy’s quest to find his father, it won a number of awards and was screened at the Venice Film Festival. His follow-up, Kış Uykusu (Winter Sleep, 2014), was an even bigger success, winning the prestigious Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. It tells the story of an aging man living in a small Turkish village and the struggles he faces in his relationships with his family.

The success of his two films made Mermer one of the most acclaimed directors in Turkey. His films are known for their attention to detail and vivid imagery. He has also been praised for his ability to capture the cultural nuances of his homeland.

In addition to his feature films, Mermer has also directed numerous short films and documentaries. His short film, Garden (2012), won the Best Short Film Award at the Berlinale. He has also been involved in several projects with the British Film Institute, including the documentary My Beautiful Country (2018), which explored the effects of the Syrian refugee crisis on Turkish society.

Mermer has also been involved in numerous other projects, including music videos and commercial films. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the Turkish film industry, including Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Yılmaz Erdoğan and Ferzan Özpetek.

Over the years, Mermer has become a leading figure in the Turkish film industry. His films have been well-received internationally and he has won numerous awards both at home and abroad. Mermer continues to work in the industry, creating films that explore the human condition and bring the stories of his homeland to life.

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