Salome Machaidze

Salome Machaidze



Salome Machaidze is an award-winning Georgian filmmaker, writer, and director. She was born in Tbilisi, Georgia in 1987. After completing her undergraduate studies in theater acting in Tbilisi State University, she continued her studies at the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, where she received her MFA in Directing.

Salome is best known for her feature film “My Happy Family” (2017), which was an official selection of Cannes Film Festival, winning the Best First Feature Prize at the Locarno International Film Festival, and was nominated for the European Film Awards. She has also directed several short films, including “Gogita’s New Life” (2013), which won the Special Jury Prize at the International Short Film Festival in Clermont-Ferrand, France, and “The Return” (2015), which was an official selection at the Sundance Film Festival and won the Best Short Film Prize at the Istanbul International Film Festival.

In addition to filmmaking, Salome has also written extensively on the subject of Georgian cinema, and is a frequent collaborator with the Georgian National Film Center. She has written and directed a series of educational films for the Center, which have been used in Georgian schools to teach students about film production.

Salome is passionate about promoting the power of women in film, and focuses her work on creating meaningful stories that reflect the realities of modern Georgian society. She has also been an advocate for the rights of women and refugees in her home country, and has worked with several NGOs to help provide aid to those in need.

Salome has been widely recognized for her work, and has received numerous awards, including the Georgian Order of Honor in 2015, the Nino Kiknadze Prize for Best Georgian Film in 2017, and the Berlinale Shorts Talent Award in 2018. In addition, Salome has been featured in The Hollywood Reporter’s “Women in Film” issue, and has appeared as a guest speaker at various film festivals and events around the world.

Salome Machaidze is a trailblazer for the Georgian film industry, and an inspiring figure for women filmmakers everywhere. Her commitment to telling meaningful stories that reflect the realities of her home country, and her dedication to helping those in need, make her an invaluable asset to the international film community.

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