Régis Sauder

Régis Sauder

Director, Writer


Régis Sauder is a French film director and screenwriter. He is known for his unique style of storytelling, often combining elements of fantasy and realism in his films.

Born in Paris, France, in 1980, Régis Sauder developed an interest in filmmaking at an early age. After completing his studies at the University of Paris VIII, he went on to attend the prestigious La Femis film school, where he studied directing and writing. He graduated in 2007 with a degree in cinema and shortly after, made his directorial debut with the short film, “The Little Prince”.

The success of his early work led him to direct his first feature film, “The Double Life of Jean”, which was released in 2011. The film follows the story of Jean, a man who is struggling to come to terms with his true identity, as well as the consequences of his past actions. The film was met with critical acclaim and earned Régis Sauder several film festival awards.

Régis’s next feature film, “The Wolf”, was released in 2015 and proved to be an even bigger success. The film follows the story of a young girl who is taken in by a pack of wolves and slowly learns to adapt to their ways. It was praised for its original storytelling and earned Régis several more awards, including the Prix du Jury at the Cannes Film Festival.

Since then, Régis has gone on to direct several more acclaimed films, such as “In the Name of the Father” and “The Other Side of the Mirror”. He has been praised for his unique approach to storytelling, often combining elements of fantasy and realism in his films. He has also become known for his use of non-linear narrative structures, often playing with time and space.

Régis Sauder is an acclaimed director whose works have been widely praised for their unique style and approach to storytelling. He has won numerous awards for his work and continues to push the boundaries of cinema.

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