Michael Glawogger

Michael Glawogger

Director, Writer, Screenplay


Michael Glawogger was an Austrian filmmaker and documentarian. Born in 1959 in the Austrian city of Graz, he was the son of a doctor. Glawogger grew up with a passion for cinema, and began studying cinematography at the Vienna Film Academy in 1983.

After graduating from the academy, Glawogger began making short films, including his first feature-length documentary, Megacities, in 1998. The film followed the lives of people living in cities around the world, exploring the diversity of urban life. It won several awards and was praised for its innovative use of camera techniques.

Glawogger's next documentary, Workingman’s Death, focused on the lives of labourers in five countries, and was nominated for the 2006 European Film Award. His 2009 documentary, Whores' Glory, explored the lives of female sex workers in Thailand, Bangladesh and Mexico. It was nominated for the Golden Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival.

In 2012, Glawogger released his first feature-length fiction film, Killing Time. The film follows a man searching for his missing lover in a strange and surreal landscape. It was praised for its unique visual style and was nominated for a number of awards.

In 2014, Glawogger released his most ambitious documentary yet, Untitled. The film was shot in over 20 countries and follows Glawogger as he travels the world, capturing the beauty and complexity of everyday life.

Glawogger sadly died in 2014 while filming in Liberia. His work is remembered for its unique vision and passionate exploration of the human condition. He was an influential filmmaker and documentarian, and his work has been praised for its insight and beauty.


3 de desembre de 1959

Place of birth

Graz, Austria