Mehrdad Ahmadpour

Mehrdad Ahmadpour



Mehrdad Ahmadpour is an Iranian director and producer who has worked in both film and television. He was born in Tehran, Iran in 1966 and spent his childhood in the city. He attended the University of Tehran where he studied film and television, graduating in 1989.

Ahmadpour began his career in 1989, working as an assistant director on various television series and films. In 1996, he made his directorial debut with the feature film ‘The Life of an Iranian Family’. The film was well-received and won numerous awards, including Best Director at the Fajr Film Festival.

In the following years, Ahmadpour went on to direct several other critically-acclaimed films, such as ‘Tears of a Bride’ (2000) and ‘Honeymoon’ (2003). He also co-wrote and directed the 2007 feature ‘The Accidental Detective’, which won Best Script at the Fajr Film Festival.

In 2009, Ahmadpour made his foray into television, writing and directing the miniseries ‘The Dreamland’. The show was a huge success, and won awards for Best Series at the Iranian Film Festival.

Ahmadpour has continued to work in both film and television, and in recent years has become one of the most sought-after directors in the Iranian film industry. He is known for his thoughtful and emotionally-driven storytelling, as well as his ability to make films that are both entertaining and thought-provoking.

In 2011, Ahmadpour was awarded the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award at the Iranian Film Festival, in recognition of his work in the industry. He is currently working on a new feature film, which is scheduled to be released in 2021.

Mehrdad Ahmadpour is an accomplished director and producer who has made a significant contribution to Iranian cinema. His films have been well-received both domestically and internationally, and he has won numerous awards for his work. He continues to work in both film and television, and is one of the most respected directors in the Iranian film industry.

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