Maxine Davis

Maxine Davis



Maxine Davis is a British film director best known for her feature films and short films. She was born in London in 1984 and grew up in East London. She attended the Royal College of Art, where she studied film and television production. She then went on to work for a number of production companies, such as the BBC and Channel 4.

Maxine's first feature-length film, 'The Lullaby', was released in 2014 and was her first work to be screened at the Cannes Film Festival. The film was well-received, and it was nominated for a BAFTA award for Best British Film.

Maxine's next work was a short film called 'Waiting', which was selected to screen at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. The film explored the struggles of an unmarried couple living in a rural area of England.

In 2017, Maxine directed her first feature-length drama, 'The Silent Child'. The film premiered at the London Film Festival and was later nominated for an Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film. The film follows a deaf girl and her struggles to communicate with the world around her.

Maxine's latest work was a feature-length documentary called 'Finding My Voice'. The film follows the journey of a transgender woman and her struggles to find acceptance in a society that has long been hostile to her. The film was released in 2020 and was well-received by critics.

Maxine Davis has proven to be an incredibly talented filmmaker. Her unique vision and ability to tell stories that explore human emotion has earned her a great deal of respect and admiration. She continues to work on new projects and will no doubt continue to make a lasting impact on the film industry for years to come.

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