Martina Parenti

Martina Parenti

Director, Writer


Martina Parenti is an Italian documentary filmmaker whose work is focused on the environment and political economy. She has worked on a variety of projects and has received numerous awards for her work.

Martina was born in 1975 in Milan, Italy, and grew up in a family of filmmakers and artists. She began her career in the early 2000s, directing and editing her first documentary, Le strade di Napoli (The Streets of Naples). This film was followed by the award-winning documentary La terra degli ultimi (The Land of the Last), which explored the life of the rural poor in Italy.

In the following years, Martina continued to work in documentary filmmaking, producing a number of films about the environment and social issues. These include the short film La terra dei dimenticati (The Land of the Forgotten), which focused on the impact of global warming in the Mediterranean region, and the feature-length documentary Fuori dall'acqua (Out of the Water), which explored the effects of overfishing on the people and ecosystems of the Mediterranean Sea.

In addition to her filmmaking, Martina has also been involved in numerous research projects, including a study of the effects of climate change on rural communities in Italy and a study of the impact of globalisation on food production in the Mediterranean region. She has also served as an adviser to the United Nations Environment Programme.

Martina has been honoured by numerous awards throughout her career, including the Venice Film Festival’s Orizzonti Prize, the Torino Film Festival’s Best Documentary Award, and the Tokyo International Film Festival’s Green Prize. She has also been invited to present her work at film festivals around the world, including the Berlin International Film Festival, the Melbourne International Film Festival, and the Tribeca Film Festival.

Martina is currently based in Milan, where she continues to work on documentary films as well as research projects. Her work is focused on raising awareness of environmental and social issues, and she remains committed to creating films that can inspire change.

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