Kim Sung-hee

Kim Sung-hee



Kim Sung-hee (born December 28, 1975) is a South Korean film and television director. She is best known for her films like Our Sunhi, Endless Night, A Day and Man on High Heels.

Kim Sung-hee was born in Seoul, South Korea. She graduated from the Department of Film and Theatre at Chung-Ang University. She first made her debut as a director in 1999 with the short film, I'm Happy. She then went on to direct the feature-length films Our Sunhi and Endless Night.

Our Sunhi tells the story of a young woman named Sunhi who is trying to decide what to do with her life. The film follows Sunhi as she visits her former professor, a mentor from her school days, and a former lover. The film was critically acclaimed for its beautiful cinematography and the way it captures the complexities of youth.

Endless Night follows the story of two brothers, Woo-jin and Yoon-ho, who are forced to take over their father’s company after his sudden death. The film is a dark drama that deals with themes of power and family. It was praised for its unapologetic portrayal of the corrupt world of South Korean business.

Kim Sung-hee next directed A Day in 2014. The film follows the story of a young girl, Eun-hee, who is dealing with the death of her father. The film was praised for its unique use of color and for its sensitive portrayal of grief.

In 2015, Kim Sung-hee directed Man on High Heels. The film follows the story of a man, Tae-soo, who is struggling with his gender identity and his desire to be a woman. The film was praised for its sensitive portrayal of transgender issues and its brave exploration of identity.

Kim Sung-hee has become one of the most acclaimed South Korean directors of her generation. Her films are known for their beautiful visuals and their exploration of complex themes. Kim Sung-hee continues to make films that explore the complexities of life.

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