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Juan Schmidt



Juan Schmidt is an award-winning director, producer, and animator from Argentina. He has worked in the animation industry for over 25 years, producing and directing numerous animated films and television series.

Juan was born in Buenos Aires in 1965. From a young age, he was fascinated by the art of animation and wanted to pursue a career in the industry. He studied art and design at the University of San Martín, where he earned his degree in 1988. After graduating, he began working as a freelance animator and director for local advertising firms.

In 1994, Juan co-founded the animation production company "Anima Estudios" with his business partner and close friend, Pablo DiSanti. The studio quickly became one of the most successful animation companies in Argentina. During his time at Anima Estudios, Juan directed and produced the successful animated television series "The Adventures of Pingo and Poppy", which was broadcast in over 20 countries.

In 2002, Juan directed his first feature-length animated film, "The Last Adventure of Captain Courage". The film was a critical and commercial success and won numerous awards, including the Grand Prize at the Annecy International Film Festival.

Juan has since gone on to direct several other feature-length films, including "The Magic of the Forest" (2005) and "The Great Journey" (2010). He has also worked on several animated television series, including "Trotamundos" (2007) and "Tasmanian Tales" (2014). His most recent project is the upcoming animated film "The Last Adventure of Captain Courage 2", which is due for release in 2020.

Throughout his career, Juan has won numerous awards for his work, including the Grand Prize at the Annecy International Film Festival and the Goya Award for Best Animated Film. He has also been nominated for two Academy Awards.

Juan is currently working on his next project, an animated feature-length film "The Last Adventure of Captain Courage 3", which is due for release in 2022. He continues to be one of the most respected and prolific directors in the animation industry.

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