Jen Araki

Jen Araki



Jen Araki is an award-winning director and screenwriter known for her work in independent films. She is a graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute and has been making films since 2001.

Araki’s career began with the short film “The Smell of Us” (2001), which was an exploration of teenage life in San Francisco. The film was shown at the San Francisco International Film Festival and received a nomination for a Student Academy Award. This was followed by her feature-length debut “Chance” (2004), which starred Anna Faris and was also shown at the SFIFF.

Araki’s next film was the critically acclaimed “The Living Wake” (2007), which starred Jesse Eisenberg and was shown at the Sundance Film Festival. This was followed by the short film “The Big Bang” (2008), which was a musical comedy about a group of scientists. Her next feature was “Ceremony” (2010), which starred Uma Thurman and was an exploration of a romantic triangle.

In 2013, Araki directed “The Spectacular Now”, which starred Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller. The film was a critical success and was nominated for several awards including an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay. Her most recent feature is the romantic comedy “The Intervention” (2016).

Araki has also worked on several television shows including “Grey’s Anatomy”, “The Mindy Project”, and “The Path”. She is currently working on a feature film adaptation of the novel “The Rules of Attraction”.

Araki is a versatile filmmaker who has explored a variety of genres. Her films have been praised for their insight into human nature and their ability to capture the nuances of everyday life. She is a director who is constantly pushing the boundaries of storytelling and exploring new ways to tell stories.

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