Hokman Joma

Hokman Joma



Hokman Joma is an award-winning director, producer and screenwriter. He has directed, produced and written films and television series in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Hokman Joma was born in London, England and grew up in Toronto, Canada. He studied film at the University of Toronto, where he began to develop a passion for storytelling and visual storytelling. After graduating, he worked as a production assistant and then as a director on various projects before making his first feature film.

His feature film debut was the critically acclaimed “The Great Divide” (2010), which was nominated for several awards. The film follows three young men who find themselves in a life-altering situation when a crime from their past resurfaces. The film earned him a nomination for the Directors Guild of Canada Award for Best Feature Film in 2011.

Since then, Hokman Joma has directed and produced several other feature films and television series, including the award-winning “The Border” (2011) and “The Warriors” (2015). He has also written and co-written several scripts, including “The Great Divide” and “The Warriors”. His projects often focus on social and political issues, and he has a strong commitment to using his work to explore these issues.

Hokman Joma is passionate about creating films that are entertaining and thought-provoking. He has been praised for his ability to create emotionally powerful stories that explore complex issues. He has received numerous awards and nominations for his work, including the Directors Guild of Canada Award for Best Feature Film in 2011 and the Canadian Screen Award for Best Direction in a Dramatic Program or Series in 2015.

Hokman Joma is a talented and respected director who is committed to creating meaningful and powerful stories. He has a passion for visual storytelling and a commitment to exploring social and political issues. His work has been critically acclaimed and he has received numerous awards and nominations for his projects.

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