Gilles Laurent

Gilles Laurent

Sound Engineer, Director


Gilles Laurent (born January 6, 1962) is a French film director, producer and screenwriter. He is best known for his feature films "The Red Chilli Pepper" (1998) and "The Sea Devil" (2005).

Gilles Laurent was born in Paris, France. He was raised in the suburbs of Paris and graduated from the prestigious École Normale Supérieure de Lyon in 1984. After working for a few years in television and film production, he started writing his own scripts and directing short films.

Gilles Laurent's first feature film, The Red Chilli Pepper, was released in 1998 and was an immediate success. The film focused on the lives of two young men, Pierre and Bernard, as they seek to gain entry into the world of the French film industry. The film was praised for its use of humor and its exploration of the complexity of relationships.

Gilles Laurent's second feature film, The Sea Devil, was released in 2005. The film follows the story of a family in the Mediterranean who are struggling to make ends meet. The film explores themes of friendship, family, loyalty, and survival. It was nominated for multiple awards, including the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival.

In 2008, Gilles Laurent wrote and directed the film, "Au Revoir Mon Ami". The film follows a young man who decides to travel to Africa in order to escape his troubled past. The film was praised for its evocative visuals and its exploration of the themes of identity, family, and love.

In 2010, Gilles Laurent released the film, "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo". The film was an adaptation of the bestselling novel of the same name and was praised for its dark and complex story. The film was a box office success and was nominated for multiple awards, including the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Gilles Laurent has since directed several other films, including "The Night Watchmen" (2014) and "The Other Side of Heaven" (2017). He is currently in pre-production on his upcoming film, "The Lost City".

Gilles Laurent is a prolific filmmaker who has crafted a unique and distinctive style. His films explore complex themes of identity, family, and survival, and his unique visual style has earned him both critical acclaim and popular success.